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This online, proactive membership-based financial wellness program was developed by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional

  • 20+ years of client experience
  • Honed by years of helping the Indiana National Guard with their financial challenges

(This Program is included at no extra charge in our company retirement plan services package—an average savings of  $2500 per year if provided as a stand- alone service.)

                                              Financial Wellness Pyramid

Here’s how & why:WWB Pyramid Final 12-2015

With this membership site-based program incorporating our original Financial Wellness Pyramid, you help them start at the RIGHT place, with choices they control.

Studies reveal the savings rate is 45 times more important than their investment choices. Most free online financial tools focus only on their investments– the WRONG place to start, leaving them more frustrated and helpless.

Membership Site

Employee access at their convenience–no need disrupt their work day.

Website membership site

1.  Monthly financial wellness employee e-newsletter  to help engage and encourage them to take positive steps for a brighter future.

2.  How-to videos and directions using free internet- based tools with downloadable documents, coordinated through countless hours of research with the expert eye.

3.  Three Step System to help avoid information overload:

      Step 1.  Select an area from the Pyramid as shown above

      Step 2.  Read & review the resources in that area

      Step 3.  Print the action plan with checklists & select your action items

This program incorporates  7 Research-Based Success Principles to help employees ensure a strong foundation.  You won’t find any other  program with this approach.

 Download our  Wealthbuilders Program Overview document here.

iStock_000000655991XSmall Use our step-by-step program including research-based strategies of self-made millionaires.

Millionaire material drawn from the books:  Stop Acting Rich  & Start Living Like a Real Millionaire and The Millionaire Mind   by  Thomas J. Stanley, PhD


Contact us today for a free, no-obligation gap analysis & consultation.

Here is a summary of your anticipated benefits for this coordinated program.

  • Increased employee productivity with less financial stress
  • Decreased HR time lost to employee financial issues
  • Increased profitability with more services at no additional cost when using our Retirement Plan Services Package

51% of employees report financial stress forcing them to take a loan or hardship withdrawal from their 401k plan, putting their retirement security at risk.¹

Here’s how it works…

Once your company is signed up, employees receive a Thank You page via email or through a link on your company site in a protected area, directing them to a link to sign up for instant access to the program’s membership site for all the specialized resources.

Through the membership site:

FAN20275901. They have easy access to download and/or bookmark and print out all the free tools  and specialized resources they need.

2. They can read original documents and watch how-to videos with real-world  professional tips and insights to help them avoid costly mistakes

3.  They can type in questions for clarification, which help build our FAQ area.

Warning: Do NOT buy any resources unless they meet the following four criteria:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. We want to give you four criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any employee financial wellness solution:

They must walk away with action steps.

They must have information from someone with professional financial credentials plus at least 10 years experience.

They must receive proven resources to help empower them to action.

They must have clear directions and unbiased advice– no hidden agenda to sell products or meet company quotas.

Lost employee productivity due to financial stress has been shown to cost an average of $5000 per employee per year. ¹  Start to turn the tables in your favor & help improve your bottom line today.


iStock_000008941429XSmallDon’t let any more lost time slip by!


We look forward to hearing from you with questions or for your complimentary retirement plan gap analysis & consultation- thank you!

  ¹   Financial Finesse, 2013 research study on Employee Financial Stress

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