What’s the “Three-Headed Foe” standing in the way of your company’s and your employees’ more secure, successful future?

                           #1:   Procrastination.

This is the main enemy standing between you and financial success. Maybe you’re feeling  unprepared, or don’t know where to start.  Start thinking small!

One of the 7 principles within this program is using the “Kaizen” approach.  One small step at a time is all it takes to experience satisfying progress.

For example, consider Indiana Jones.  In one scene he has to cross a bottomless chasm between two cliffs.  It looks impossible, but he gingerly puts one foot into the empty space, and he instantly sees the outline of a stone ledge that continues to unfold with each step he takes.

As a plan sponsor, waiting can cause a myriad of problems, including fiduciary penalties and unnecessary costs.  And it’s the small things that create the biggest problems for plan sponsors.

Taking small steps into the unknown can help empower and prepare employees for the next stage of their personal adventure.

 #2:   Poor choices.

If you don’t proactively plan, it’s being done for your employees—by advertisers influencing how they spend, by credit companies managing their debt, and by the IRS taking taxes.

What about those choices you make as a Plan Sponsor?  How well are you meeting the “New” Plan Management Standards?  You’re already doing planning, often carelessly or by default.

Most people spend more time planning their vacations than their financial future.  You need professional, experienced, unbiased help to take charge today.

  #3:    Financial Predators.

Okay, maybe “predator” is a bit strong…most of those financial advisors you meet are reputable; however, there are enough that aren’t (as you can read regularly) that you need to guard themselves.

Many people calling themselves financial planners are simply looking for more customers to generate sales.  Also, many “planners” have the pressure of meeting sales quotas, and  are paid to convince rather than objectively advise.

This problem applies in the plan sponsor arena as well as the personal arena.

We’re here to help arm you with the right questions– to get the right answers.

Don’t lose any more time– act today and start feeling better about your company’s finances & your employees’ future.

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