Choices Can Change Everything

iStock_000008941429XSmallHelp relieve the causes of stress, not just the symptoms– with the new sales-free, research based financial wellness program.


Are your employees frustrated with their junk-drawer of  financial choices?Junk drawer

How is this affecting your bottom line?



Are they discouraged because they don’t even know where to start and time is slipping by?

Money WorriesHow is this affecting employee morale and productivity?

Help reduce HR distractions & lost time dealing with employees’ finances.



Lost employee productivity due to financial stress has been shown to cost an average of $5000 per employee per year. ¹ 

Employer sponsored financial wellness programs are fast becoming a “best practice” among industry leaders who want a productive & profitable work force.

New Online Financial Fitness system video 019

iStock_000000655991XSmallThis financial wellness  program for their brighter future is based on twenty+ years of client experience and is 100% backed by research and scientific principles.

Until now, this could only be accomplished by helping one person at a time in the traditional face-to-face practice.

Now, thanks to the Internet, the doors are open for employees who need expert, holistic guidance for a secure future, and you can help!


Alice home page fireplace“You will get the tools and expert education you need to help employees sleep better & feel better at work.  This program is designed to battle the unknowns and give them the same quality of resources whether face to face or online.  Since we do not sell anything, you can rest assured your employees’ best interests are always first.”     Founder, Alice Howe, CFP ®

Help your employees stop losing money to the “Three Headed Foe”

Finally, they can sleep better at night and feel better at work with hassle-free online tools and the specialist’s eye.

Portrait of smiling business people with thumbs up against white

Independent studies in the United States, Canada & England agree: Although money can’t buy you happiness,  taking charge of your choices certainly can. That’s why we’re  here.

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                                ¹   Financial Finesse, 2013 research study on Employee Financial Stress

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